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Amigo’s  Services

We cover a vast range of service list for residential and commercial purposes that includes electrical, interior decoration, PVC cladding and etc.

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  • Amigo Handyman Service,
  • Flat Packed Furniture Assembly. (1 wardrobe, Set of drawers and bedside cabinet).
  • Fitted Kitchen Units.
  • Replacing Locks.
  • Rehanging Cupboard Doors.
  • Door Hanging or Adjusting.
  • Putting Up Pictures, Mirrors.
  • Shower Screens.
  • Bath and Shower Re-sealing.
  • Drive Away & Patio Cleaning
  • Install/Repair Fences/Gates/Sheds – Including Painting.
  • Change Skirting Boards/Beading/Hang doors/Coving
  • Installing Laminate and Wooden Flooring
  • Hang Blinds/Curtain Rails/ Mount Shelves.
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Installation
  • Kitchen Panels Installation
  • WPC Bathroom Flooring Installation
  • General Household Repair and Maintenance

  • 07969343330
  • Amigo Handyman Service,
  • Painting Walls, Wood, Metal.
  • Spray Paint
  • Plaster Repair
  • Sanding Walls, Wood Metal
  • Wallpapering Walls
  • PVC Cladding (PVC Panels)

  • 07969343330
  • Amigo Handyman Service,
  • Replacing Lights and Light Bulbs/Spotlights
  • LED Light Strip Installation
  • Connection of Cookers/Washing Machines
  • Fuse Box Replacement.
  • Install TV Brackets/ Tidy Cables
  • Install or Replace Sockets and Switches
  • Installation of Sound Round System.
  • Installation of Cable TV Or Satellite.
  • TV Wall Mounting.
  • Replacing Electric Shower.
  • Install all the Electrical or Electronic Devices. PC, Laptop, CCTV, Wifi, Smart TV etc…
  • Electrical Fault Finding.
  • PC and Laptop Software or Virus Repair.

  • 07969343330
  • Amigo Handyman Service,
  • Repair the cracks and bad patches on the floor
  • Install the tiles and marbles that suit the interior decoration
  • Perform hard wood flooring with smoother finishing
  • Take care of the floor maintenance needs that keeps it well

  • 07969343330
  • Amigo Handyman Service,
  • Build fence and paint that with natural oak
  • Front and side garden leveled and fitted with Astro Turf
  • Perform mono-block repairing, landscaping etc.
  • Pressure wash for walls and flooring mono blocks

  • 07969343330
  • Amigo Handyman Service,
  • We provide best protection to the aesthetic construction through PVC Cladding.
  • Helpful to prevent bacteria, UV rays, molds and fire from the walls of the various parts of the house
  • We assure 100% job success and timely accomplishment of the given work.
  • Experience the most effective and rapid PVC Cladding with our skilled professionals

  • 07969343330
  • Amigo Handyman Service,
  • Remodeling the entire house with new skirting and RGB LED lights
  • Wall painting and wiring in the walls with cables
  • Full hallway remodeling with white pearl paneled stairs
  • TV installation on the walls and other home decoration

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